Offshore Wind Takes a Step Ahead

Offshore wind development along the mid-Atlantic coast took a major step forward last week, with the completion of a federal review that showed “no major environmental damage” would be caused by tapping the renewable power source. 

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar also said his department also was trying to speed up the process for issuing renewable energy leases. There are wind projects proposed for areas off the coasts of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey.

“There are a number of developers who are very interested in developing offshore wind here and our goal is to hold the auctions and be able to issue the leases now, in 2012,” Salazar said. “So, this is not something that’s going to be waiting around.”

Tapping the power of offshore wind along the Atlantic coast is a big move toward creating green jobs and reducing our dependence on dirty energy. This is a sensible decision. Let’s keep up the clean energy momentum.

(via HuffPo)

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