On the Plane

At SHFT, we’re not shy about admitting our love for aerial photography. For most of us, however, the closest we’ll come to capturing images of the earth from above is snapping camera phone pictures out of an airplane window. Sadly, these always miss the extraordinary feeling one gets when looking down from the sky. With his “On the Plane” series, Phillip Kalantzis-Cope hits the mark we so often miss. The Greece-born, New York-based photographer manages to capture compelling and inspiring images shot from his plane seat.

“Being in flight is one of the most unnatural, extraordinary, ordinary experiences of modern life,” he says. “In flight we are able to view the most remote corners of the natural world and the vast spread of the world we have constructed. It gives us the unique perspective to look at the interaction of the natural and constructed in a truly holistic way.”

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