Paper Collages Evoke Underwater Beauty

Psychedelic formations of rolled up paper are the beautiful result of artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser‘s obsession with paper and color.  My Modern Met profiled Amy’s work and we’re glad they did. 

Although her final work appears quite abstract, Genser always starts out with an idea for a piece by using images and sketches and also drawing upon the beautiful imperfections of nature as the foundation for her work. Each piece consists of pieces of paper rolled together to produce interesting color palettes. Layer upon layer, Genser allows the piece to grow and develop until it feels complete, and she then adheres the paper rolls in place with PVA glue.

Each composition has an organic flow reminiscent of a coral reef or a barnacle. The artist says, “When I discovered the layered, circular form, I loved how I could use this one simple module to create worlds of compositions.” She uses that approach to create all of her variously sized rolls of paper and scatters them across the canvas. The different forms, colors, and textures create a dynamic composition that is filled with energy and life.

Posted by Katie Hosmer 

(via my modern met)

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