Pavegen Harvests Energy From Footsteps

With the right mix of creative thinking, technological ingenuity, and, well, money, there really is no limit for the future of renewable energy. Take the case of Pavegen, a UK company that has developed the world’s first system for harnessing energy from footsteps. By stepping or hopping on a Pavegen floor tile, users create clean, off-grid electricity that can 
used for anything from lighting to digital displays.

With three permanent Pavegen installations in UK schools, the company has turned to Kickstarter to get the tiles into more schools. The project is not only a way to help schools offset their carbon footprints, but also a way to actively engage students in the science of renewable energy.  

Designer Laurence Kemball-Cook first created Pavegen tiles while exploring options for off-grid renewable energy as an industrial design student. The weatherproof tiles are made from recycled truck tires and other recycled plastic, with proprietary tech inside that captures the energy.

Looks like a solid cause to get behind. Contribute to Kickstarter to lend your support. 

(via GOOD)

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