Pig 05049

When Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma traced what happened to the body parts of one particular commercially raised pig — the glamorously named "Pig 05049" — she discovered a lot more than packaged meat. That single animal, Meindertsma found, contributed to an astonishing number of products — 185 items in all, including chewing gum, bone china, car paint and cigarette filters.

In her book 'Pig 05049,' Meindertsma presents her findings with a throughtful array of information graphics, color photos, and, of course, a yellow ear tag printed with the pig’s ID number fastened to the spine. A special limited edition of the book is bound in — what else? — pigskin.

While the designer is convinced that most commercial pig farms are “not super-happy places,” her book is neutral in tone, allowing readers shape their own opinions from the content. The non-preachy neutrality (not to mention beautiful design) has paid off in sales. Now in its third printing, 'Pig 05049' has sold over 5,000 copies so far. It's available for $61 at Amazon.

(via Design Observer)

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