Quinn Tivey: Nature Photographs

In our humble opinion, pavement-pounding urban dwellers are always well-served by leaving the city and reconnecting with nature. Quinn Tivey agrees. The L.A.-based photographer and stalwart SHFT bro frequently heads into the wilds in search of new images and experiences.

“To lose yourself in someplace wild and untouched by our human development is a sobering experience,” Quinn says. “It helps to evoke an awareness of our history and our place on earth.” 

Quinn had been told that when the Spanish first arrived on the California coast, they wrote of fields of mustard flowers taller than a man on horseback. So when his ex-girlfriend said she wanted to go for an adventure and that the adventure had to include flowers, they decided to go on a quest for the giant mustard flowers. The results are these endearing photos of a pretty blonde traipsing through a field of yellow wild flowers. Hard to argue with that. 

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