Ray Collins Wave Photography

For nearly a decade, Australian photographer Ray Collins has dedicated his craft to documenting the ocean. Specializing in photographs of waves, his visuals highlight the power, elegance, and majesty of our oceans. His continued dedication to showing the artistry of waves is evident in a new series of images taken in Hawaii, Portugal, and Australia.

Collins flew in helicopters, walked along cliffs, and swam with his camera, all in an endeavor to get these dynamic shots. His work seems effortless, even if tremendous skill is needed to execute these images. Attention to detail is essential, with Collins carefully examining the light and the shape of each wave before pressing the shutter.

Through his work, Collins asks the viewer to re-evaluate their appreciation for water. While this element is something that we shouldn’t take for granted, it is something that many, unfortunately, do not appreciate. Collins’ wave photography highlights the color, shape, and power of water in a way that elevates it to high art. And in doing so, he hopes that people will invest more in preserving this vital part of the planet.

Text by Jessica Stewart for My Modern Met

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