Rising Tide

As a potential clean energy source, tidal power is as alluring as it is elusive. The consistent daily flux of the tides presents attractive possibilities for the production of reliable, sustainable power, but the hurdles posed by deploying large turbines in the sea are more than a little significant. Still, tidal energy projects, particularly in Europe, are attracting plenty of capital investment.

Case in point: the AK1000, said to be the world's largest tidal power turbine, unveiled by Atlantis Resources Corporation in Scotland last week. At 1,430 tons, standing nearly 75 feet tall with six 60-foot diameter blades, the one-megawatt turbine can produce enough electricity to supply more than 1,000 homes.

Developed for the rough, cold seas of the North Atlantic, the AK1000 represents a big step toward the development of affordable, commercial-scale tide power.

“Today is not just about our technology," Atlantis chief executive Timothy Cornelius said in a statement, “It is about the emergence of tidal power as a viable asset class that will require the development of local supply chains employing local people to deliver sustainable energy to the local grid.”

(Via Green Blog)

Photo: Atlantis Resources Corporation

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