SafetyNet Saves Fish

It’s shocking to learn to that more than 27 million tons of dead unmarketable fish are caught and thrown back into the sea each and every year. The SafetyNet is a technological advancement designed to drastically reduce unwanted “by-catch” and save the lives of juvenile and endangered fish that get tangled in traditional trawling nets.

The SafetyNet concept, envisioned by Dan Watson, uses LED-illuminated rings that allow smaller fish to escape through the net. Larger mesh holes along the bottom enable threatened species such as cod to escape as well. And with a redesigned door to the net, the trawl does not drag along the seafloor and cause damage. 

The SafetyNet is a great example that the drive to a more sustainable future takes a healthy balance of technological innovation, increased knowledge, and new practices.

Vote for SafetyNet at the Victorinox Time to Care competition, and watch this video to see how it works. 

– Mitchell Flexo

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