Salvaged Scrap Wood Longboards from Loyal Dean

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the elegant craftsmanship of the decks, but Loyal Dean longboards were basically an afterthought. The company is the brainchild of childhood buds Greg “Loyal” Perry and Dino “Dean” Pierone, who run a custom door company in Los Angeles. A couple years back, Pierone decided to use some the scrap wood in their shop to make a skateboard for his daughter’s birthday. People were stoked on the results, and Loyal Dean was born.

With 25 combined years of master wood craftsmanship between the founders, Loyal Dean make some of the best longboards on the market. The company sells four different models, each made from whatever wood the door company happens to be using at the time.  

Longboarding gets knocked for being skateboarding’s lame cousin, but LD’s boards get our endorsement for their elegant craftsmanship, eco-conscious approach and cushy ride.  

(via Co.Design)

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