Scouts Unveil Eco Cabin

In his final address to the Boy Scouts, Sir Robert Baden-Powell told the troops to "leave this world a little better than you found it." Sixty years later, the organization still abides by its founder's words.

Evidence is to be found at the Scouts' camp on Catalina Island, 19 miles off the coast of Southern California, where the group is pursuing a sustainable vision for its new campers' accommodations.

Designed by architect Richard Hammond from Gensler in Los Angeles, the prototype cabin is constructed from a reclaimed shipping container and features a recycled wood deck, natural ventilation, and solar power.

Initially, the project's green goals went even further. The footing for the structure was originally intended to be made of recycled tires. Ultimately, code requirements meant concrete had to be poured instead.

In any case, it's safe to say old Baden-Powell would be impressed with the results.

(Via Metropolis Magazine)

Photo: The cabin's deck, made of reclaimed lumber from the camp's pier. (courtesy Richard Hammond)

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