Scrap Wood Strips Recycled into Modern Furniture

Old wood is the goods. Reclaimed timber has a rugged beauty that new wood products can’t replicate. That’s our humble opinion, anyway, and Jamison Sellers’ too. The Rhode Island designer/craftsman salvages wooden pallets and boards to craft chairs, tables, and shelves that are as simple as they are striking. Alternating diffierent colors of scrap wood in thin strips, Sellers makes furniture with a natural visual pop.

But it’s not the look of reclaimed wood that drives Sellers’ work. In the man’s own words:

I am a firm believer in environmental and social responsibility, and design and build my work accordingly. My material use is primarily salvaged and reclaimed–wooden shipping pallets, old flooring, and industrial artifacts. New timber is sourced locally from trees naturally felled, diseased, or destined for the fire-place or wood-chipper. All finishes are natural, free of VOCs and solvents.

(via Dornob)

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