Shay Kun: Tear Drop

Shay Kun’s most recent collection of paintings depict rainy street scenes from the perspective of a driver or passenger in a car. The paintings, collectively titled Tear Drop (spotted on Faith is Torment), are so realistic that it’s hard to believe there isn’t some digital trickery at play. But these are not photoshopped; what you see is only oil painted on canvas by the hand of an artist who had his first solo show before the age of 20. 

“I don’t paint from real life,” says the Israeli painter, now based in New York City. “Everything I do is artificial. Most of my paintings are a ‘pastiche’ − a recycled work of landscapes.” 

You can view more from the series on Kun’s website. To see more paintings in a similar vein, check out the work of Gregory Thielker on SHFT.

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