SHFT Teams Up With Ford for Web Series

We have ourselves a new partner! Earlier this week, SHFT co-founders Adrian and Peter inked a deal with Ford, the venerated carmaker which is helping lead the revolution toward automotive sustainability. As part of the collaboration, Ford will sponsor a new SHFT web series that will profile innovators and game-changers in the green movement. 

It’s a perfect fit for SHFT, as Peter notes. “The electric Ford Focus is not only a great car that run on electricity but the interiors are made of bio-waste and mushrooms and denim,” he said. “We’re really seeing the future. There are no partnerships that we’ve forged at SHFT that don’t share our core values of sustainability, innovation, corporate responsibility and creativity.”

Get the full rundown at Hollywood Reporter

Photo: Adrian and Peter with a fuel efficient Ford car outside the new, LEED-certified W Residences in Hollywood. (via Hollywood Reporter)

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