Shipping Container Office Building

In Providence, R.I., a new office building has lifted the challenging task of shipping container construction to new heights. The first permanent, multistory structure in the U.S. made entirely from shipping containers cost owner Peter Case $1.8 million to build, about half of what he would have paid for a conventional structure.

Divided into two sets of offices, the three-story complex has an exposed central hallway protected by a canopy made from the sides of containers.

"Our mantra was let the container be a container whenever possible. So we don't hide the dings," Case says. Besides that, the interior looks like any other office building.

The exterior is another story altogether. Looking like an oversized Lego construction, the modular building is painted bright blue with explosions of yellow and green, causing a stir with Amtrak passengers as they roll past on the train.

(via NPR)

Photo: Distill Studio/Truth Box Inc.

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