Slow Your Roll

The one great irony of the digital age involves time. The more connected we are, the faster we can communicate and perform work tasks. So we should logically have more time to ourselves. In reality, the faster things get, the less time we have. We've become slaves to the very tools that, by doing things faster, promised to give us more "free" time.

Well, it's time to take back the time. To slow the roll, as it were.

In their latest issue, our good friends at GOOD magazine instruct us how. With the help of the handy folks at ReadyMade, they created The GOOD (and ReadyMade) Guide to Slowing Down, offering some practical advice on taking your foot off the gas.

Put away the smartphone and read a book. Draw something. Sit silently for a moment. Grow a garden. Simplify.

The piece also features a bunch of cool illustrations by Tim Lahan.

Recommended reading. Get down with the slow down.

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