Solar Leasing Heads East

California-based Sungevity (previously) is taking its solar leasing model to the Northeastern states, where high electricity rates and blistering summer temperatures mean massive market potential.

To build hype for the expansion, the residential solar company has launched Rolling Rooftop, a bright orange ice pop truck powered by solar panels and bio diesel. The truck, which will begin its journey this week in New York City, features iPads that will introduce consumers to the company’s iQuote process. After touring through NYC, the truck will make its way to street festivals and farmers’ markets in New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts and Maryland, doling out free popsicles all the way.

“There are families arguing about having the air conditioning on because it costs so much,” said Patrick Crane, Sungevity’s chief marketing officer. “So we said, let’s go cool people down with free ice pops.”  

Smart power, smart marketing.

(via HuffPo)

Photo: Sungevity

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