Sommerhaus PIU: Primo Prefab

Sommerhaus PIU, a collaborative effort between German industrial designer Patrick Frey and compatriot architect Bjorn Gotte, is a prefabricated holiday home that puts a modern spin on the wilderness retreat. 

The Sommerhaus design is as clean and uncomplicated as you may expect from a pair of Germans. An elegant facade defined by thin horizontal strips of wood supports a slightly pitched roof edged with charcoal planks, with a covered veranda that wraps the perimeter of the house.

Large windows at the front allow for abundant natural light in the main living area while the windowless rear protects bedrooms from direct sunlight. Buyers can also choose from a variety of ground plans to optimize the home’s interaction with the natural surroundings.

If you’re like us, stuck in the city awash in the blue glow of your computer screen, then this beautiful bit of prefab architecture is probably making you pine for a late summer getaway.

(via designboom)

Photos: Patrick Frey

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