‘Sound Sculptures’ Eulogize Old Growth Forest

You know the feeling when you look at something and you’re pretty sure it’s awesome but you don’t understand how it works or what it’s all about? Such is the case with these “Soundstills” by Russian artist Tviga Vasilyeva. Apparently Vasilyeva recorded audio in the old growth forests along the Russia-Finland border, then went back after they were logged and photographed these “sculptural manifestations of audio footage.”  

Make sense? Didn’t think so. Maybe this statement from Vasilyeva will help clarify.

“I move sound. Noise from one location is manifest elsewhere, and in another dimension. I turn sound into 3 dimensional objects which appear to be flat, and then heighten this sense of flattening, and of silence, with the hush of a photograph…”

Nope. Anyway, they look pretty cool, huh? 

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