The Environment of the Unconscious

Chiharu Shiota's spatial installations underscore the guiding principle behind nature: connectivity between things. Peter Fischer (via We Find Wildness) characterizes Shiota's work of the Osaka-born, Berlin-based artist as occupying a space between two extremes, “On the one hand, in her installations she creates a world of her own, a world delineated as a spatial entity divorced from external reality […] and on the other, the installations are metaphors for the web of nightmares wherein she is ensnared. The network of cotton threads traps her in her sleep like a spider’s web in which she is hopelessly entangled, nervously woven into it, without an Ariadne’s thread to extricate her."

They're also stunningly beautiful.

Thanks to Design Boom for the introduction.

Visit Shiota's portfolio site HERE.

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