The Greenest Building in the World?

In a picturesque seaside setting, between the dual architectural icons of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, a pop-up restaurant is blazing new trails in green design.

It’s only been open for a month but Greenhouse by Joost is already being called The Greenest Building in the World. That may be a little lofty, but it’s definitely got some solid green credentials.

Designed by installation artist Joost Bakker, the structure itself is a recycled shipping container, covered in edible plant life used in the chef’s creations. The flooring is disused conveyor belt from a mining operation, carefully arranged in a herringbone pattern, and the furniture has been fashioned from old irrigation pipes and vegetable-tanned leather.

”We … set out to build a place that was completely recyclable – made from steel, not wood, and had straw in the floor, walls and ceiling,” Bakker said.

Jam jar lightbulbs, compostable cutlery, sheared beer bottle glasses, and Salvation Army uniforms add the operation’s greenness.

More Joost Bakker at his portfolio site.

(via Sydney Morning Herald)

Photo: Joost Bakker in front of his Greenhouse. (Ben Rushton)


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