The Pothole Gardner Takes on the Outdoors

It’s always good to see companies using makers and artists to promote their products.  Patron of the arts take on a modern meaning with Uniqlo’s Heattech range. The line has been specially developed with leading textile manufacturer Toray, the clothing brand is showcasing creative types who take on the urban outdoors come rain or shine, from foodies and cyclists to graffiti artists.

Steve’s taste for planting tiny gardens in London’s pockmarked streets began when he was doing an MA at Central Saint Martins and has developed into an all-consuming creative quest. “I love the reaction on peoples faces when they stumble across my little gardens,” Steve says. “At first it’s a puzzled look, and then it’s a smile. I love the unexpected conversations people have around my installations.

“One thing I’ve learnt about living in London is you can’t let the weather stop you do anything, otherwise you’d be stuck inside the whole time!”

Via It’s Nice That

photos shot for Uniqlo HEATTECH

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