The T25 City Car

Having been responsible for designing some of the most successful cars in Formula 1 history — including the iconic McLaren F1 supercar — Gordon Murray knows a thing or two about creating high performance vehicles.

Of late, the British auto maestro has turned his considerable talents to designing a practical vehicle that is a great deal cheaper to own and run.

His first creation, the T.25 City Car, made its first public appearance this week. With a top speed of 80 mph, it's considerably slower than an F1 racecar, but the design borrows heavily from Murray's experience designing for the racetrack.

Retailing for around $9,000, the T.25 is cheaper (and smaller) than Daimler AG's popular Smart car. Weighing around 1,200 lbs., the T.25 achieves a fuel efficiency of around 74 mpg.

An electric cousin to the T.25 is in the works as well. The T.27 e-car will have a range of 80-100 miles and cost around $18,000.

Finally, Murray's unique "iStream" manufacturing process, in which major components are fitted directly on to the chassis prior to the body panels, will reduce the overall carbon footprint of the car.

All in all, the T.25 represents some welcome innovation in an industry that direly needs it. A tip of the hat to Gordon Murray and his team.

(Via CNN)

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