Tokyo Through A Magnifying Glass

Japanese photographer Takashi Kitajima captures the same Tokyo scenes in two different ways and juxtaposes them in one single composition. His series Glassporthole, features a diffused and blurry view of the city where the buildings, streets, and signage are fused into a hazy mixture of color, light, and shape. Adding to it, Kitajima also looks at the landscape through a magnifying glass. This tool brings everything into a tight focus and presents a miniaturized version of what’s before us.

These techniques are stunning enough on their own, but Kitajima combines them to create intriguing and unique images. In every fuzzy photo is the magnifying glass that brings visual clarity. Here, it’s as if Kitajima’s hand-held lens reveals a hidden world that helps make sense of the bigger picture.

Posted by Sara Barnes

For My Modern Met

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