Toronto’s Garbage-Powered Garbage Truck

How's this for meta? The City of Toronto has launched the first of a fleet of waste collection trucks to be fueled by, well, collected waste. The garbage-eating truck will join Toronto's existing Green Fleet, created as part of a government effort to reduce the city's fuel consumption and protect air quality and health.

The newly unveiled vehicle contains a Cummins Westport ISL G engine that runs on compressed natural gas. The natural gas comes from organic bin waste, which is converted from biogas to usable natural gas. The engine also uses exhaust gas re-circulation and a three-way catalyst for reduced emissions.

If the pilot truck is successful, Toronto intends expand its green waste conversion facilities, with the eventual aim of producing enough natural gas to convert its three hundred vehicle fleet of diesel garbage trucks to natural gas vehicles.

May we suggest a stylized Ouroboros as the symbol for the new truck?

(via Inhabitat)

Photo: thuyLa/Flickr

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