Turanor Solar Yacht

The Turanor is a 98-foot catamaran powered by an array of solar panels large enough to cover two tennis courts. There are big plans for this futuristic craft; next spring it will attempt a circumnavigation of the planet. According to the vessel's skipper, the purpose of the mission is to prove that "we have the technology right now to change how we do things." In other words, this could be a revolutionary trip. During the voyage, the Turanor will keep in touch with meteorologists in order to maintain exposure to the sun, which will power the boat's noise- and pollution-free electric motor. At $16 million, the Turanor is not exactly the most affordable way to travel, but it's truly incredible that such a lengthy mission can be completely powered by the sun.

-Mitchell Flexo

(Via CNN)

Images: PlanetSolar

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