Urban Beehive by Rowan Dunford

With global honeybee populations in decline, backyard beekeepers are looking to pick up the slack by domesticating the critters that are so critical to the world’s food supply. The problem for many of us is that getting into beekeeping seems, well, hard. Enter the Urban Beehive, a stackable beehive design by New Zealand native Rowan Dunford that makes beekeeping simple.

The product, spotted on Design Milk, is the perfect option for the beginner beekeeper. It’s cheap, easy to assemble, and can be flat-packed for shipping. Designed with city dwellers in mind, the Urban Beehive addresses the trepidation that comes with starting your own beehive. It’s currently in prototype phase, but we look forward to seeing it on the market (and in our Shop section).

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