Visions Of Earth

A selection of the best images from National Geographic Wallpapers Gallery. All the photos are from the book Visions of Earth. Stunning stuff across a wide breadth of subjects. Go Nat Geo – keep em coming.

First image: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; Photograph by Patrick di Fruscia

second image: Scrap Yard, Canada, Photograph by Pete Ryan

thrid image: Cave of Crystals, Mexico, Photograph by Carsten Peter

fourth image: Five Flower Lake, China, Photograph by Michael Yamashita

fifth image: Wildfire, Montana,  Photograph by Mark Thiessen

sixth image: Lake Natron, Tanzania, Photograph by George Steinmetz

seventh image: Lemurs, Madagascar, Photograph by Stephen Alvarez

eighth image: Moss-Covered Truck, Michigan, Photograph by Jason Rydquist

ninth image: Salt Cones, Bolivia, Photograph by George Steinmetz

tenth image: Woman With Parasol, Australia, Photograph by Helen Dittrich

Via Agnostica

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