Waste Plant to Power Itself with Beer and Pop

What’s with Canadians and turning trash to energy, eh? The latest ingenious idea is to convert waste soda and beer (because no self-respecting Canadian would throw good beer down the drain) into ethanol that will in turn be used to power a waste plant on the Atlantic seaboard.

The pilot project is an initiative of New Brunswick Community College’s Bio-energy and Bio-products Applied Research and Technology facility in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Because the ethanol is being used to fuel a plant that previously put the unwanted liquids in landfills, the project makes sense not only from an energy perspective, but also from a cost one.

Ethanol is no holy grail, but it burns cleaner than fossil fuels and, when it diverts waste from landfills, it’s a good step in the right direction.

Photo: foilman/Flickr

Diagram: Diversified Metal Engineering

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