White Arkitekter: Visitor Centre Vattenriket

In a nature reserve just outside of Kristianstad, Sweden architecture firm White Arkitekter has created this landmark public building that maximizes views of the wetlands wilderness outside. Dubbed the “Naturum Vattenriket,” the visitor center is situated in a nature reserve, a summer refuge for a variety of waterfowl.

Because of the wetlands location, the building is raised several meters above ground, this reducing the risk of flooding. The added height also creates great views of the wildlife and native vegetation from the upper level observation terrace. Meanwhile, the fan-shaped exhibition room opens to the scenery while the southern elevation is layered with pillars, glazed panels and sun shades to filter the direct sunlight into a soft illumination. Naturally, the primary material choice is wood, with facades clad with heat-treated pine and the interior surfaced with a pale pine.

(via Designboom)

Photos: Ake E:son Lindman

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