Why Monki’s Green Machine is a recycling milestone

Swedish fast-fashion brand Monki has launched the first capsule clothing collection made using a breakthrough textile-to-textile recycling process that’s a huge step towards a closed loop for clothing.

The Monki line-up consists of just two garments – a grey hoodie and track pants – made using the so-called Green Machine technology. But it represents a tipping point on the fashion industry’s path to a circular model.

The majority of clothes produced today are made of cotton and polyester blend fabrics. And until now there has been no commercial method to fully recycle these garments into new ones.

Using a closed loop of just water, heat and biodegradable green chemicals to separate the fibres, the new hydrothermal system is for the first time moving from trial to products. Next it will be scaled up for commercial production at Indonesian manufacturing giant PT Kahatex, before the technology will be made available under license for the rest of the industry to use.

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By Leonie Barrie

via Just Style Magazine

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