Yasuaki Onishi: Reverse of Volume

Entering Houston’s Rice University Art Gallery, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether you’d walked into some weird, icy landscape where all matter was negative. Made from nothing more than plastic sheeting and black hot glue, reverse of volume RG is the latest — and largest — of Yasuaki Onishi‘s “reverse of volume” series, in which the Japanese artist creates monumental forms that resemble mountains or clouds floating in space.

The process, which he calls “casting the invisible,” involves draping plastic sheets over cardboard boxes and dripping black glue from the ceiling to hold them in place. When the boxes are removed, only their impressions are left.

The reverse sculpture, through which gallery-goers are encouraged to walk, offers a telling meditation on the nature of negative space.

Check out this time-lapse video for a fascinating glimpse of the installation process.

(via Artlog)

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