You Are Here: Paintings by Kim Dorland

Toronto-based painter Kim Dorland revisits the image of the primal forest in You Are Here, a series of works that pays homage to the century-old tradition of Canadian landscape painting. Inspired by early 20th-century artists like Tom Thomson and Emily Carr, Dorland creates bold and expressive interpretations of northern landscapes. But while his forebears were focused on celebrating nature and highlighting its spiritual potential, Dorland expands on the notion to address the relationship of the artist with nature. And while the works offer a deep nod to the past, Dorland’s style–densely applied neon hues, airbrush, acryclic, and sculptural brushwork that sometimes incorporates elements like glass, nails, feathers and wood–is decidedly current. 

You Are Here: Kim Dorland and the Return to Painting is showing at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Toronto until January 5.

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