Youngster’s Recycling Business Lauded by City Hall

At an age when most kids are just learning to not pick their noses and eat it, Vanis Buckholz is running a business with an eye on helping not only the planet but also the less fortunate folks in the community. The 10-year-old from Corona del Mar, CA is the CEO of My ReCycler, which collects recyclable waste for delivery to the local recycling plant. Launched when he was only 7, My ReCycler started with just Vanis on his bike, towing a trailer. Today, with some help from mom and dad, he makes deliveries by the truckload.

“The idea for my business name came from ‘cycling’ and riding my scooter around town picking up trash on our beach, streets and parks then hauling it home to recycle,” says Vanis. “My mom and dad taught me to never pollute so picking up trash was something we always did but now it’s a part of the business.”

And if that isn’t remarkable enough for a kid, Vanis then decided to donate a portion of the recycling profits Project Hope Alliance, an organization that supports homeless and underprivileged kids.

“With the money I make from recycling, I give 25 percent to Project Hope, 25 percent is used to run by business and the rest I have to save,” Vanis said.

Vanis recently spoke before a city council meeting, where he was lauded by Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry: “Newport Beach is the home of some great entrepreneurs. The one tonight is particularly young, but I think is a very outstanding entrepreneur.”

(via Treehugger)

Photo via My ReCycler

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