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A Tokyo River Glows With 100,000 LED Lights

  • Posted by SHFT on May 14, 2012 in Science/Tech
  • Occasionally, in our constant search for cool and interesting stuff to show our faithful readers, we come across creative projects that literally blow our minds. This would be one such occasion. As part of last weekend's Tokyo Hotaru festival, 100,000 LED lights were sent flowing down the Sumida River, commemorating the now scarce fireflies ("hotaru" in Japanese) that used to bring the river to life. Dubbed "Prayer Stars," the solar-powered lights were designed to activate when they come in contact with the water. The results were brilliantly beautiful and ethereal. Our kudos go out to Panasonic, who organized the show and provided the lights.

    (via It's Nice That)

    Photos via Flickr users Jeremy V, makure, and ajpcs





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