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Dala by Stephen Burks: Food Packaging Recycled Into Furniture

  • Posted by SHFT on May 21, 2012 in Design
  • Stephen Burks, the New York-based designer and founder of Readymade Projects, has created a new line of outdoor furniture for Dedon that's as creative and colorful as it is environmentally sound.

    The collection, called Dala, is inspired by the idea of "improvised seating," which allows for a flexible arrangement depending on the needs and mood of the social gathering. The collection includes a lounge chair, ottoman, stool, and side tables, which are hollow with lightweight aluminum frames. Strips of synthetic fiber (made from recycled food and drink packaging and recyclable polyethylene) are handwoven through the frames.

    "The weaving was developed to combine the surface and structure of the furniture in order to eliminate material to reduce the weight and waste of the pieces," Burks explained to Co.Design.

    Working directly with weavers at a community-minded factory in the Philippines, Burks allows room for personal variations in the weaving, making every Dala piece unique.

    (via Apartment Therapy)





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