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Forest Of Ginkgo: Eco Footwear Collection

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on October 11, 2011 in Fashion
  • Having survived the Ice Age, the 270 million year-old Ginkgo tree is a classic example of a "living fossil," a lone hanger-on from a group that was far more diverse and widespread in the distant past. Taking its name from this remarkable tree, a new Italian footwear brand -- Forest of Ginkgo (F.O.G.) -- uses the Ginkgo as a metaphor for long-lasting, environmentally conscious shoes.

    Handmade in Italy, the debut Forest Of Ginkgo collection is crafted from chemical-free, veggie-tanned leather from the hides of "fallen animals" (whatever that means). The double-stitched soles are designed for easy replacement, so the boots and derby shoes could conceivably last a lifetime. When they're totally worn out, they're 92 percent biodegradable. 

    Of course, premium quality Italian footwear with meticulous finishing carries a steep price tag -- about $500 in fact.  

    If you're in Los Angeles and you have the dough, you can cop your favorite pair at Union LA.

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