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'Halo' Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on May 5, 2010 in Architecture
  • In Holland, forward-thinking design is basically a cultural imperative. So no one's going to be surprised that this hyperadvanced infrastructure concept—a floating, multi-purpose structure designed to the highest standards of sustainability—is a Dutch initiative.

    Envisioned by DHV Architects for a major Dutch causeway that separates the saltwater North Sea from a freshwater lake, 'Halo' represents a feat of water engineering and sustainable design. The structure generates its own energy and features a motorway, a cycle path, dikes, parking, and a work island.

    So what is it exactly? To be honest, we're not sure. It's probably too advanced for our crude North American minds to comprehend.

    Reading the architects' overwrought explanation doesn't exactly clarify things:

    "[Halo] has a great deal of symbolism and acts as a reminder for the need and the historical development of the dike. Halo’s striking image also catches the imagination. The floating rectangular structure symbolises a framework of intensive sustainability and creates an iconic image which represents the need for a sustainable future."


    Looks pretty sweet though, huh?

    (Via ArchDaily)





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