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Hudson River Project

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on April 12, 2012 in Conservation
  • Adventurer extraordinaire and record-setting cyclist James Bowthorpe is busy prepping for his next madcap quest: a journey down the 315-mile length of the Hudson River in a kayak made of NYC construction waste.

    "We see cities as something separate from the wilderness, but the former evolved from the latter," says Bowthorpe, who undertook a similar expedition down the Thames. "I’m interested in the idea of how we set up these diametrically opposed state of minds. The Hudson River Project plays to this cyclic idea, charting the path that helped to build the megalopolis."

    Bowthorpe and filmmaking compadre Antony Crook (previously) have been out scouting shooting locations and returned with these photos along with a trailer promoting the project. Check out the teaser on Nowness. The full-length feature will be soundtracked by Mogwai, the Scottish post-rock troupe.

    Photos: Antony Crook via Facebook





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