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Second Wind

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on August 10, 2010 in Business
  • Earlier this week, The New York Times business section featured a story on Meyer Wells, a small Seattle company that makes high end, custom furniture from urban trees downed by development, disease or storms. Started four years ago, the company has succeeded in the face of a recessionary economy, with sales pushing $1 million.

    “I really believe a designer can make better choices, and that can influence people and move us in a direction that’s more sustainable,” says [co-founder John Wells]. “That’s what I’ve chosen to do, and I think it’s what’s made us a successful business.”

    “People buy what they believe is right for them to buy,” he says. “If there are options available that fit better with their values, they will buy those options.”

    It's an inspiring piece, whether you're into sustainable business, cool design, or both. Read the whole article here.

    Photo: Detail of spalted maple being made into a table for a wine bar. (Stuart Isett/New York Times)





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