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The Ice Woman Cometh

  • Posted by on February 21, 2010 in Art
  • New York artist Roni Horn makes sculptures, drawings, photographs, and books informed by her frequent excursions to Iceland.

    The island nation's volatile geology, the volcanoes and the hot springs, the ice and the sea, suffuse Horn's work, which deals with metaphors of climate change and shifting identity.

    In one piece, columns of glacier water harken the core samples drilled by climate scientists, capturing altered states of weather in time.

    In another, a frosty pink glass cube sparkles in the light and changes appearance according to the temperature.

    In a work called "You Are The Weather," the artist presents repeated photographs of a model in different Icelandic locales, her facial expression varying according to the climate around her.

    (Via Flavorwire)





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