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Tomas Saraceno: Biospheres

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on February 9, 2011 in Art
  • Following in the tradition of eco-visionaries like Buckminster Fuller, Peter Cook, and errrm, Pauly Shore, Argentina-born artist-architect Tomás Saraceno imagines a Utopian future where science and nature work together in perfect synchronicity.

    For Biospheres, which debuted as part of the RETHINK: Contemporary Art and Climate Change exhibition alongside the 2009 Copenhagen climate talks, Saraceno created a series of transparent globes inspired by scientific studies of cloud formation, soap bubbles and spider webs. The biospheres contain self-regulating ecosystems, with the bigger ones inviting viewers inside to become part of the processes. On the ground, water-filled biospheres stabilize the entire sculpture. 

    Is Biospheres an optimistic symbol of a green future? Or a dark vision of a world destroyed by climate change? That's open to interpretation. However you think of it, the point is that you're thinking. 

    For more, watch a video interview with Saraceno on the project, or peep more pics on his Flickr.  

    (via Klat)

    Photos: Anders Sune Berg





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