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Villa Krona: Clifftop Cabin on the Baltic Sea

  • Posted by SHFT on October 14, 2011 in Architecture
  • Designed by Helsinki-based firm Helin & Co Architects, Villa Krona is a waterfront clifftop getaway situated on a remote island in Finland's Gullkrona Archipelago, The segmented dwelling is fully integrated into the environment, with a vegetated roof that transforms from spring green to a rustic brown in colder months. For inhabitants, the home is designed to maximize vistas of the sunrise and sunset along with changing weather of the seasons. This time of year, that means thrashing waves from sea storms. 

    Looks like an okay place to unwind for a couple weeks. It seems the architecture community thinks so too; Villa Krona was recently nominated by the World Architecture Festival for an award in this year's house category. 

    (via Designboom)

    Photos: Pekka Helin (model photo: Ritva Mannersuo) 





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