This book is an indispensable resource for those looking to make their own off-the-grid dream a reality.
The psychological legacy of our survival instincts that lead us to feel better when we are in contact with nature is the basis of biophilic design, which is being used increasingly in architecture, from airports to urban spaces to businesses.
7 minute read
A new retreat in the Hudson Valley from the perennially hip, Taavo Somer
5 minute read
If a building also has batteries to store the energy, it could be totally self-sufficient.
5 minute read
India’s lattice buildings are both beautiful, unique, and efficient in keeping the building cool without the need for any air conditioner.
3 minute read
This handsome book is the perfect reference guide for design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and all those interested in the creative process.
Artist collective the Cana Family profiles one of our favorite California furniture designers
Handcrafted analog organizer stocked with recycled papers.
The leading light of sustainable design walks us through some of his most game-changing projects