A Day in California

We’re suckers for good time-lapse photography. And when the subject is our home state, well, we can’t not post it. Husband and wife team Ryan and Sheri Killackey spent more than a year shooting over 10,000 photos of locations around California, then wove them together to create this stunning ode to the Golden State. Only a month after uploading it to Vimeo, it already has 675,000 views. Asked by HuffPo why they did it, Ryan answered:

“The film was originally intended for personal use. I thought that it would be a great family movie to keep on my hard drive, so that Sheri and I would remember these places forever. I think it truly inspires people to visit or possibly move to California, though. I have received thousands of comments and emails from people around the world, telling me how much it made them want to vacation here, or how homesick they are just from watching it.”

Makes us homesick too. And we live here!