Hilary Hahn and Hauschka, "Bounce Bounce"

Hand-crafted art meets natural history dioramas meets stop-motion animation in this amazing video assembled by Brooklyn-based animator Hayley Morris. Inspired by the found sounds contained on Silfra, the album from Grammy-winning American violinist Hilary Hahn and German modernist composer Hauschka, Morris applied a similar approach to her visuals for “Bounce Bounce.”

“I really wanted to capture the energetic and spontaneous feeling of the song itself, and honor the collaboration between Hilary Hahn and Hauschka,” Morris tells IFC Fix. “When Hauschka performs he takes different recognizable objects and places them into his piano to alter the sound. I wanted to take the same approach as the music’s creation and have the materials themselves create a narrative and look.” The animator used a variety of found and recycled materials to construct the underwater scene, before adding the lighting effects by hand. No computer effects were used whatsoever.


  • Category Art
  • Length 02:50