Husbands, "Dreams"

Ever since Kanye’s great “Good Life” video from a few years back, animated typographic lyrics have become sort of a “thing” in music videos. We’re not mad. When it’s done well, it’s a wonderful thing. French production outfit Cauboyz build on the movement with this superb piece for “Dreams” by their countrymen, Husbands. Mixing various fonts and graphical treatments all over the screen, Cauboyz breathe some life into the song’s lyrics. But it’s actually the process that makes this so impressive. Eschewing digital software for good ol’ physicality, the creative duo built a physical wall of type and graphics, then wired the whole thing to illuminate along with the song.

“After listening [to] the song, we understood quickly that it was very structured,” one of the members explains. “We wanted to do something simple with a little bit poetry.” That you did, ‘boyz.

Check out this making-of video for a time-lapse look at the process.

  • Category Art
  • Length 03:51