Matmos, "Very Large Green Triangles"

Lonstanding experimental duo Matmos released a new EP, The Ganzfield, on Thrill Jockey this week, and the concept seems, well, complicated. The video for lead track “Very Large Green Triangles,” on the other hand, is not. The clip was produced by animation lab and directed by Ed Apodaca and Audrey Karleskind, who took a literal interpretation of the song’s title to deliver this Sci Fi-inspired animation that features, yes, massive green triangles floating in space. 

“We sought to create a beautiful, trippy, fun, energetic and slightly spooky rethinking of the song,” says Apodaca. “The video interprets the psychic session as a full arc from everday details to larger and larger scales of Very Large Green Triangulation.” 

  • Category Music
  • Length 03:37