"Rise" by Mathieu Gerard

Mathieu Gérard worked in collaboration with European creative agencies EXOD-US and Fuse Collective to create this experimental short film compelling us to reflect on the nature of earth’s most precious resource: water.

Seamless in execution and set against Alexandre Desplat’s soundtrack to Terrence Malik’s ‘The Tree of Life’, this is the kind of visual poetry that moves us in ways difficult to articulate. Jacques Cousteau once said that ‘the water cycle and the life cycle are one.’ This film gives us pause, asking us ponder that – despite the lack of what we think of as living beings populating the frame. Water is alive, and so are we – with it.

Check out Gérard’s Vimeo page to get an even better sense of his visual style, not to mention how it’s evolved over the past few years.

  • Category Water
  • Length 00:59