The Perennial Plate: One Minute in Mexico

Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine back at it again with another episode of our favorite food and travel series, the Perennial Plate. The new clip is a fast-paced, one-minute summary of two weeks in Mexico, and it doesn’t disappoint. Covering ground from Mexico City to Hidalgo, Oaxaca to Chiapas, the traveling gourmands ate more more beans, bebidas and tamales than you can shake a stick at. A well-selected track by bilingual MC/producer Olmeca keeps the quick cuts moving.

Serious food nerds might recognize a few dishes made by Enrique Olvera at his restaurant Pujol in Mexico City. New Yorkers will be able to sample Olvera’s work later this year, when he opens a spot in Flatiron.

  • Category Food
  • Length 01:25